[isabelle-dev] isabelle-dev and ML files

Timothy Bourke Timothy.Bourke at nicta.com.au
Mon Oct 26 00:26:43 CET 2009

On Oct 23 at 16:32 +0200, Makarius wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Oct 2009, Timothy Bourke wrote:
>> I'm having some trouble working with ML files in recent dev versions.
>> Given, for example, a file test.ML:
>>  structure Test =
>>  struct
>>    val s1 = "\<top>";
>>    val s2 = "\\<top>";
>>  end;
>> And two tests:
>>  ML) Direct ML: isabelle-process < test.ML
>> USE) Interactive isabelle: use "test.ML";
>> I get the following results for Isabelle 2009 and a recent (yesterday)
>> dev version:
>>      \            version
>>  test \     2009          dev
>>        +-------------+------------+
>>    ML  |  s1 fails   |  s1 fails  |
>>        |  s2 works   |  s2 works  |
>>        +-------------+------------+
>>    USE |  s1 works   |  s1 works  |
>>        |  s2 works   |  s2 fails  |
>>        +-------------+------------+
>> Is the dev behaviour correct?
> Shouldn't the status of s1 and s2 be swapped in ML/dev?

I'm reasonably sure that the table is accurate.
> Which version are you using anyway?  In the face of non-linear
> distributed history with time-jumps, only the offical changeset id
> counts, e.g. fe29679cabc2 in my case ("hg id" helps to figure this
> out).

> The 'ML' and 'use' commands operate exactly the same way, and
> invoking the "use" function from the raw ML toplevel should coincide
> with that. All of this treats Isabelle symbols as native content of
> the ML sources, so there is no longer that extra escaping (this
> oddity was occasionally causing confusion in the past, and had to
> dissappear altogether when precise counting of source positions was
> introduced.)

I agree that, within an isabelle session, 'ML' and 'use' are
> This means that ML sources with Isabelle symbols cannot be pasted
> into the raw ML loop.  In practive you need a proper context anyway
> (for antiquotations etc.) so it is best to work trough Isar/ML all
> the time, unless you do really low-level work on the ML system
> itself.

Ok. This was my point.

It used to be possible to test modifications to isabelle source files
containing \<...> symbols, from within emacs, by typing:
    ML {* use "src/Pure/Thy/html.ML" *}

But I can understand that this change is only likely to affect a few
people, and, even then, not very often.

Thank you for the explanations.


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