[isabelle-dev] Option type for auto tools timeout

David Aspinall David.Aspinall at ed.ac.uk
Thu Dec 16 01:28:29 CET 2010

> The dealine for the next Isabelle release is shortly after the start of 
> the year 2011.  If PG 4.1 is available by then, and works on Linux, Mac 
> OS, Cygwin with the usual Emacsen, I see no problem emit "pgreal" for 
> real-valued preferences.

There is a patch now committed in PG CVS for a type "pgipfloat".
Officially syntax should match spec here:
Emacs is not going to check but other stricter tools might.

> But this would also mean to abandon PG and PG 4.0, so the 4.1 
> version needs to be beyond any doubt.
> I am myself hooked on the PG CVS for several weeks already.  It looks 
> fine, but I am not using it a lot.  I did not hear anything from 
> elsewhere, which means it works perfectly well, or nobody has tried it.

For 4.0, there are over 300 direct downloads since 10th Oct, about a
dozen registrations, but I don't know how many correspond to real users
or real Isabelle users.  (How many downloads does Isabelle get per month
out of interest?)

Feedback from bona fide committed Isabelle hackers welcome!

 - D. 

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