[isabelle-dev] NEWS

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Sun Feb 21 23:47:41 CET 2010

* Authentic syntax for *all* term constants: provides simple and
robust correspondence between formal entities and concrete syntax.
Substantial INCOMPATIBILITY concerning low-level syntax translations
(translation rules and translation functions in ML).  Some hints on

   - Many existing uses of 'syntax' and 'translations' can be replaced
     by more modern 'notation' and 'abbreviation', which are
     independent of this issue.

   - 'translations' require markup within the AST; the term syntax
     provides the following special forms:

       CONST c   -- produces syntax version of constant c from context
       XCONST c  -- literally c, checked as constant from context
       c         -- literally c, if declared by 'syntax'

     Plain identifiers are treated as AST variables -- occasionally the
     system indicates accidental variables via the error "rhs contains
     extra variables".

   - 'parse_translation' etc. in ML may use the following

       @{const_syntax c}   -- ML version of "CONST c" above
       @{syntax_const c}   -- literally c (checked wrt. 'syntax' declarations)

Note that old non-authentic syntax was based on unqualified base
names, so all of the above would coincide.  Recall that 'print_syntax'
and ML_command "set Syntax.trace_ast" help to diagnose syntax

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