[isabelle-dev] Sledgehammer renaming

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Jan 13 19:09:29 CET 2010

On Wed, 13 Jan 2010, Tobias Nipkow wrote:

> PS Since I suggested to Jasmin to work on s/h, I obviously welcome his 
> initiative. It is important that we have one person who has the time and 
> the responsibility, just like other people feel responsible for "fun" 
> etc.

Yes, responsibility is the key thing here, not "consensus".  If Jasmin 
wants to take over the full responsibility of Slegehammer, and I will 
never have to worry about it, I would be relieved of many burdens.  (Most 
of them unseen in the background.)

Part of this is to keep everything going on all of our official platforms. 
This state has not yet been achieved for nitpick, where Jasmin *is* fully 
responsible right now.


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