[isabelle-dev] added 605 changesets with 1325 changes to 175 files

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Sat Jan 16 15:35:17 CET 2010

On Sat, 16 Jan 2010, Alexander Krauss wrote:

> Hi Brian,
>> added 605 changesets with 1325 changes to 175 files
>> Wow! What just happened?
> Makarius merged in a long line of development concerning the interface 
> from a previously separate repository: c13e168a8ae6 through 
> e596a0b71f3c.

BTW, the main merge node is 502f90967483.  By switching to the graph view 
(e.g. in the web interface) you will see an independent line of 
development grafted onto the main Isabelle repository. This kind of 
operation is relatively unusual, and needs some extra care technically. 
I am glad to see that there have not been any problems so far.

Semantically, that move means that the Isabelle/Scala layer (see all the 
.scala files in src/Pure) and the demo application of Isabelle/jEdit (see 
src/Tools/jEdit) are approaching a usable state.  While "isabelle scala" 
should do the right thing if you have a local Scala installation in 
$SCALA_HOME, building the jEdit parts is still very difficult.

End-users will see precompiled jars, and no native crap in particular. So 
once this is ready for prime time, our Emacs woes should disappear (being 
replaced by JVM woes, but these are quite different in nature).


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