[isabelle-dev] Towards the next Isabelle release

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Tue May 4 16:00:17 CEST 2010

Dear Isabelle contributors,

5 months after Isabelle2009-1 is a good point to think about the next 
official release.  As usual, a stable release consists of a profoundly 
consolidated version of the existing body of material.  New features are 
better added shortly after a release, not at the last minute before one
(where "last minute" means "several weeks before release date").

What are the main pending issues in the pipeline, or projects that still 
need to be finished?

Here are some things from my list:

   * Further steps for integrating proof terms for the type class algebra
     (work by Alex Krauss and Andy Schropp, involving also Makarius and
     potentially Stefan Berghofer).

   * Performance issues concerning the main HOL images (Florian Haftmann
     and Clemens Ballarin).

   * Misc cleanup of the Isabelle/Scala layer (Makarius).  This does not
     affect components that are in production use right now.

Anything else?


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