[isabelle-dev] Accented characters

Gerwin Klein gerwin.klein at nicta.com.au
Thu Jan 13 12:15:13 CET 2011

On 13/01/2011, at 8:51 PM, Larry Paulson wrote:

> Accented characters on our website no longer display correctly on Macs. I don't know precisely when this happened, but I'm sure it's fairly recent. In fact, the characters don't even display correctly in the HTML source. It may be a character encoding problem. Clearly, it renders correctly in Google Chrome but not in Firefox or Safari.

This issue is a bit strange. It shows up on my Mac as in your picture from the Cambridge server, but it looks fine with the correct characters from the Munich and Sydney servers. 

It may have more to do with what the server expects as encoding in the source file than what the browser gets to see.


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