[isabelle-dev] Towards Isabelle2011 release

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Fri Jan 28 15:43:33 CET 2011

On Thu, 27 Jan 2011, Makarius wrote:

> Yet another test release:
>  http://www4.in.tum.de/~wenzelm/test/isa2011-test3/

There is now an update of the same isa2011-test3 with a patched version of 
ProofGeneral-4.1pre110112 as follows:

   * Mac OS X fonts: instead of IsabelleText refer to STIXGeneral as fall
     back, which is somehow hardwired into Proof General 4.1

   * (proof-full-annotation nil) for improved stability and performance.

   * (proof-strict-read-only t) for improved stability.

There is a remaining issue with preferences 
http://proofgeneral.inf.ed.ac.uk/trac/ticket/387 which is a show-stopper 
for the Isabelle2011 release.


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