[isabelle-dev] Towards the next release

Lukas Bulwahn bulwahn at in.tum.de
Thu Apr 12 12:00:10 CEST 2012

On 04/12/2012 11:02 AM, Makarius wrote:
> Dear all,
> we need to get to a more concrete release schedule.  Presently I would 
> like to aim for late May, which means we need to start consolidating 
> and converging about now.
> Are there any further big things in the pipeline?
We still have the locale browser in the pipeline. Do you have objections 
to integrate the tool you have reviewed two months ago?
Our private discussion yielded further source code improvements, however 
the tool is already in a fully functional state, and the source code 
improvements would not change so much from a user's point of view.


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