[isabelle-dev] Isabelle release test website

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Thu Apr 26 14:48:08 CEST 2012

On Thu, 26 Apr 2012, Lars Noschinski wrote:

> On 26.04.2012 14:32, Tjark Weber wrote:
>> On Thu, 2012-04-26 at 14:09 +0200, Makarius wrote:
>>> The website itself is starting to take shape.  Thanks to Johannes
>>> Hölzl we now have nice download buttons that detect the platform of
>>> the web browser: Linux, Linux 64 bit, Mac OS X, Windows.  All 4
>>> buttons are shown if the platform cannot be detected.
>> There is the (uncommon, perhaps, but not completely absurd) use case
>> where a user wants to download a version for another platform,
>> different from the one she is currently running.
> Despite my system being mainly 64 bits, I always use the 32-bit version 
> of Isabelle -- AFAIK, with 6GB of RAM I'm still below the point where 
> 64-bit would be an advantage for Isabelle.

I do it myself as well, but it requires some extra expertise and tinkering 
of the Linux installation.  For Isabelle2011-1 many experienced Linux 
users were reporting problems with the 32bit version on the 64bit 
platform, which explains the default to offer 64bit for 64bit now.

>> To support this, it might be better to have a drop-down list that is 
>> initialized to the detected platform, or to add an explicit download 
>> link to the other versions. That they are available (only) under 
>> "Installation instructions" is somewhat counter-intuitive.
> Yes, I second that a prominent "download for other system" 
> button/whatever would be a good idea.

The idea was that these users would find their way to the "Installation" 
page in the main navigator panel quickly.  There is always the problem 
that too many buttons and links cause an overload of the reader, and are 
getting ignored.


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