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Florian Haftmann florian.haftmann at informatik.tu-muenchen.de
Wed Aug 8 20:37:33 CEST 2012

> One could also use "wget -O- ... | tar xvzf -" and avoid the TMP file.
> Anyway, wget is one of these portability issues.  Mac OS lacks it by
> default, and has curl instead.

How is the situation with curl in cygwin?  Then I would be willing to
port it.  Otherwise a platform switch is inevitable.

> Other portability issues are too aggresive bash features, like shopt and
> exception handlers.  (Here it happens to work on Mac OS, but a recent
> script for pandoc with lots of more such options failed.)

I'm glad to sort it out, but I need more hints what fails and why – due
to the version of bash?

One might wonder about the considerable increase of bashisms in shell
stuff contributed by me in recent times;  the reason is that at the
moment I have to deal with shell scripts containing hundreds of lines
grown over years on a quite recent Debian environment, and so I'm lucky
for anything which strengthens the illusion that bash is something like
a programming language…

Btw. in older times we had an indication which bash version is minimum
on the installation page.  This has gone now – for which reason?

> For non-trivial Isabelle tools I am now moving towards using
> Isabelle/Scala.  The shell wrapper only provides the traditional getopt
> parsing and usage model of Isabelle tools.

Sounds reasonable.

> In this particular situation it would pose a bootstrap problem, though,
> since jdk and scala components are required first, and their versions
> can also change over time in Admin/components.

I still think we can get around using bash only here.



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