[isabelle-dev] jEdit: Loading theories does not work

Lars Noschinski noschinl at in.tum.de
Fri Jan 13 13:49:42 CET 2012


lately, Isabelle/jEdit stopped working for me on my work laptop. The 
Isabelle process is started (the usual startup phrase is displayed in 
the log windows), but the status is displayed as "startup". In 
particular, no parsing, syntax coloring or proof checking happens; the 
polyml processes seem to be mostly idle. I bisected the problem down to 
the following commit:

changeset: 46121:30a69cd8a9a0c9d539fceba286bb93bc0c3154ca
Author: wenzelm
Date: Thu Jan 05 14:15:37 2012 +0100

        prefer raw_message for protocol implementation;

As for the dependencies,

  * scala-2.8.2-final (but happens with 2.9.1-final and 2.8.1-final, too)
  * my systems java is 1.6.0_26 from Sun
  * jedit_build-20110622 (but happens with jedit_build-20111217, too)
  * the contrib/ directory is the one from Isabelle2011-1

I could not reproduce this problem on my other machine, which (apart 
from scala-2.8.1) uses the same components.

   -- Lars

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