[isabelle-dev] Standard component setup (Re: NEWS)

Alexander Krauss krauss at in.tum.de
Wed Jan 11 22:43:59 CET 2012

On 01/05/2012 10:22 AM, Makarius wrote:
> I think one could publish ~isabelle/contrib_devel via HTTP, although
> it would require some clean up and tuning, say to expand symlinks.
> Another question is how to export the actual directory structure,
> without maintaining explicit index.html and tar.gz versions of
> everything.

I had a look at this. There does not seem to be an apache extension that
would let us publish a directory structure as a downloadable tarball.
Also, the admins won't let us use the Apache autoindex facility, but
they gave me a PHP script that does the same thing.

So a low-tech suggestion with only minor overhead would be:

* Components live in /home/isabelle/public_components as tarballs. The
directory is regarded as append-only, possibly with infrequent garbage
collection, which moves outdated packages to some archive location.
The packages should be files, not symlinks (to make the directory more 
I'll volunteer to provide the initial content based on contrib_devel and 
other sources, if people agree with the general idea.

* The directory is accessible, cf.
As the path indicates, this is mainly for developers. There could be a
script in Admin/ that helps to bootstrap the local clone from this source.

> The more general question behind this is about an official Isabelle
> component repository, like major projects have it (Eclipse, Netbeans
>  etc. even jEdit). But this needs substantial extra efforts to
> maintain.

The above gives us a poor man's repository with several advantages over
the current state

- single place to look for stuff
- uniform usage (download, untar, init_component, that's it.)

Jasmin wrote:
>> Could we instead provide a little script (or Isabelle tool) that
>> turns a tarball/zip downloaded from upstream into a packaged
>> Isabelle component?

> In the case of Yices and Vampire, the gain would be minimal: Without

Ok... let's forget about non-free stuff for now...


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