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Florian Haftmann florian.haftmann at informatik.tu-muenchen.de
Fri Jan 13 21:09:06 CET 2012

Hi Stefan,

> They were removed from the pred_set_conv database a while ago by Florian
>   http://isabelle.in.tum.de/repos/isabelle/rev/7f9e05b3d0fb
> because they were considered "potentially dangerous", but now that sets
> and predicates can be distinguished again, this rule (and the dual rule
> sup_Un_eq) could be added again?

yes, they can.  The where Ā»dangerousĀ« as long as both sets and preds
*and* union/inter and sup/inf were identified.  With sets being
different from preds, they can be reactivated.

This is indeed one thing which has slipped out of my memory.



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