[isabelle-dev] JinjaThreads does not compile

Andreas Lochbihler andreas.lochbihler at kit.edu
Mon Jun 4 13:18:11 CEST 2012

Hi Stefan,

> while doing a "testall" on the AFP, I noticed that JinjaThreads no longer
> compiles. I get the error
> *** exception Match raised (line 146)
> ***
> *** At command "ML" (line 145 of "/mnt/home/berghofe/isabelle/afp/thys/JinjaThreads/Examples/BufferExample.thy")
This should be now fixed in Isabelle 02d64fd40852.

I also removed the obsolete reference to FinFun in JinjaThreads/Basic
(AFP b060f6386ebc).


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