[isabelle-dev] compiling jedit for Isabelle development

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Tue Mar 27 22:59:52 CEST 2012

On Tue, 27 Mar 2012, Viorel Preoteasa wrote:

> I am trying to use jedit with the Isabelle development version
> I have scala-2.9.1-1 and I downloaded jedit_build-20120313.
> I set the paths
> export 
> SCALA_HOME=/Users/viorel/Work/isabelle-dev/isabelle/contrib/scala-2.9.1-1
> export 
> ISABELLE_JEDIT_BUILD_HOME=/Users/viorel/Work/isabelle-dev/isabelle/contrib/jedit_build-20120313

> The file src/Tools/jEdit/README_BUILD says  to set ISABELLE_JEDIT_BUILD_HOME
> via "init_component .../jedit_build...", but I don't know how to do it.

Isabelle settings are configured via etc/settings, either directly e.g. in 
your ~/.isabelle/etc/settings (for repository versions) or by initializing 
some Isabelle component.  The Isabelle System manual explains the general 
principles behind etc/settings and etc/components.

The jedit_build-20120313 directory is already such a component, so if you 
say init_component .../jedit_build-20120313 in your settings it should 

There is some chance though that in more recent latest versions of 
Isabelle, say 89b13238d7f2, you get another problem if JAVA_HOME does not 
point to a proper JDK installation -- say the one of the 
Isabelle2011-1/contrib in the Linux bundle.  Here you need to set 
JAVA_HOME *outside* of the Isabelle environment or ISABELLE_JDK_HOME 
*inside* as settings.

I am in the course of refining that again soon ...


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