[isabelle-dev] WWW_Find updates

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Nov 21 13:56:18 CET 2012

Is WWW_Find still alive and maintained?

Isabelle/a96bd08258a2 propagates some changes of symbol.scala to its 
unequal twin in src/Tools/WWW_Find/unicode_symbols.ML, but it could not be 
tested because the server was producing "500 - Internal Server Error" 
already before the change. In contrast, in Isabelle2012 the wwwfind tool 
appears to work.

Generally, unicode_symbols.ML imposes assumptions on the format of 
etc/symbols files that were not there before, according to the operational 
specifcation in symbol.scala.  At some point I also would like to reform 
this ancient file format, and might end up producing a legacy copy just 
for WWW_Find.  Management of symbols happens on the Isabelle/Scala side 
these days.


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