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Johannes Hölzl hoelzl at in.tum.de
Mon Apr 22 16:39:19 CEST 2013

This sums up the cleanup / generalizations / unifications I did on
HOL-Complex_Main and HOL-Multivariate_Analysis in the last four month. 

-------------------- 9< ------------------------------

* Introduce type class "conditional_complete_lattice": Like a complete
  lattice but does not assume the existence of the top and bottom elements.
  Allows to generalize some lemmas about reals and extended reals.
  Removed SupInf and replaced it by the instantiation of
  conditional_complete_lattice for real. Renamed lemmas about conditional
  complete lattice from Sup_... to cSup_... and from Inf_... to
  cInf_... to avoid hidding of similar complete lattice lemmas.

* Introduce type classes "no_top" and "no_bot" for orderings without top
  and bottom elements.

* Split dense_linorder into inner_dense_order and no_top, no_bot.

* Complex_Main: Unify and move various concepts from
  HOL-Multivariate_Analysis to HOL-Complex_Main.

 - Introduce type class (lin)order_topology. Allows to generalize theorems
   about limits and order. Instances are reals and extended reals.

 - continuous and continuos_on from Multivariate_Analysis:
   "continuous" is the continuity of a function at a filter.
   "isCont" is now an abbrevitation: "isCont x f == continuous (at _) f".

   Generalized continuity lemmas from isCont to continuous on an arbitrary

 - compact from Multivariate_Analysis. Use Bolzano's lemma
   to prove compactness of closed intervals on reals. Continuous functions
   attain infimum and supremum on compact sets. The inverse of a continuous
   function is continuous, when the function is continuous on a compact set.

 - connected from Multivariate_Analysis. Use it to prove the
   intermediate value theorem. Show connectedness of intervals on order
   topologies which are a inner dense, conditional complete linorder.

 - first_countable_topology from Multivariate_Analysis. Is used to
   show equivalence of properties on the neighbourhood filter of x and on
   all sequences converging to x.

 - FDERIV: Definition of has_derivative moved to Deriv.thy. Moved theorems
   from Library/FDERIV.thy to Deriv.thy and base the definition of DERIV on
   FDERIV. Add variants of DERIV and FDERIV which are restricted to sets,
   i.e. to represent derivatives from left or right.

 - Removed the within-filter. It is replaced by the principal filter:

     F within X = inf F (principal X)

 - Introduce "at x within U" as a single constant, "at x" is now an
   abbreviation for "at x within UNIV"

 - Introduce named theorem collections tendsto_intros, continuous_intros,
   continuous_on_intros and FDERIV_intros. Theorems in tendsto_intros (or
   FDERIV_intros) are also available as tendsto_eq_intros (or
   FDERIV_eq_intros) where the right-hand side is replaced by a congruence
   rule. This allows to apply them as intro rules and then proving
   equivalence by the simplifier.

 - Restructured theories in HOL-Complex_Main:

   + Moved RealDef and RComplete into Real

   + Introduced Topological_Spaces and moved theorems about
     topological spaces, filters, limits and continuity to it

   + Renamed RealVector to Real_Vector_Spaces

   + Split Lim, SEQ, Series into Topological_Spaces, Real_Vector_Spaces, and

   + Moved Ln and Log to Transcendental

   + Moved theorems about continuity from Deriv to Topological_Spaces

 - Remove various auxiliary lemmas.


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