[isabelle-dev] Segmentation faults

David Matthews dm at prolingua.co.uk
Wed May 29 15:27:20 CEST 2013

 From that crash log it looks as though the crash happened in ML code 
rather than the run-time system itself.  The source of the crash, 
though, could be a bug in the run-time system resulting in some 
addresses being mangled.  It's difficult to say more without being able 
to reproduce it.


On 29/05/2013 14:03, Lawrence Paulson wrote:
> Following Dave Matthew's instructions, I downloaded a fresh copy of
> the sources and executed the following commands. Except the first one
> failed, presumably because I had a fresh copy.
> make distclean ./configure --disable-shared make make install
> I have just taken a look at the crash logs, and it's clear that some
> dynamic libraries from a previous installation had got loaded along
> with the latest ones. Maybe that was the problem. I wonder how they
> got loaded in the first place? I have just deleted them and I hope it
> will work now.
> Larry

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