[isabelle-dev] Isabelle2013-2 release

Tobias Nipkow nipkow at in.tum.de
Fri Nov 22 12:11:00 CET 2013

It says Timeout. Presumably this supports your guess.


Am 21/11/2013 15:34, schrieb Makarius:
> On Thu, 21 Nov 2013, Tobias Nipkow wrote:
>> Some such effects may indeed play a role, although I originally did not observe
>> it when reloading a theory but while editing an existing theory.
> Apart from timing problems there might be some internal breakdown of auto tools
> that is not seen, because exceptions are absorbed.  (This behaviour is the same
> for the traditional TTY mode of auto tools.)
> To help diagnose this possibility, the included change produces explicit spam
> via warning messages.  You can use "hg import --no-commit" to experiment with it
> locally (based on the development repository).
> If this yields any insights, we can think about doing something for the release
> branch.
>     Makarius

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