[isabelle-dev] jdk-7u40

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Fri Sep 13 22:50:27 CEST 2013

Oracle has released the significant update of JDK 7u40: 

We are using this by default as of Isabelle/da1c7b50fdfe.  The Isabelle 
component is rather bulky: > 500 MB compressed, > 1 GB uncompressed. 
Generally it is possible to remove presently unused components from the 
local file-systems by hand, maybe just leaving .tar.gz behind.  The 
"isabelle components" tool will unpack required components again on demand 
without another download.  (The main purpose of isabelle components is to 
allow bisection over the history with all add-ons.)

According to 
that big thing actually delivers a few interesting details.

For example, they say that Apple Retina displays are now fully supported. 
Can people who are so lucky to have one test that, and say if it works, or 
if it requires further Java properties?  The "isabelle jedit" tool allows 
to pass JVM options as argument to its -J option.

There are further issues about hard crashes on Mac OS X that they mention 
as closed.


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