[isabelle-dev] Isabelle website

Lawrence Paulson lp15 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 30 13:28:02 CEST 2013

Early in 2013 I was planning to update the old PG-based movie to use jEdit, but was interrupted by massive programme committee obligations among other things, and it was left behind by events. And anyway jEdit has changed quite a bit since then. Perhaps I shall find the time after the next release. Probably not before.

On 30 Sep 2013, at 12:10, Makarius <makarius at sketis.net> wrote:

> This perspective can somehow be taken into account when updating the website. E.g. the old preview by Larry shows how to download, install, run Isabelle, open a theory file, but this is now self-explanatory.
> There could be some nice videos instead, but I still don't know how to produce them.

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