[isabelle-dev] NEWS: renamed isabelle-process

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon Apr 7 15:22:56 CEST 2014

*** System ***

* The raw Isabelle process executable has been renamed from
"isabelle-process" to "isabelle_process", which conforms to common
shell naming conventions, and allows to define a shell function within
the Isabelle environment to avoid dynamic path lookup.  Rare
incompatibility for old tools that do not use the $ISABELLE_PROCESS
settings variable yet.

This refers to Isabelle/95e2656b3b23.  It is hardly user-relevant, but I 
am pointing this out so explicitly, because of the ancientity of this 
low-level entry point to Isabelle.

People who are hooked on the repository and care about the executable in 
their PATH should do "isabelle install ~/bin" once again, or whatever they 
did to link to $ISABELLE_HOME/bin executables.  (This is *not* in the 
NEWS, because the repository is not user-relevant at all.)


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