[isabelle-dev] Pie charts

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon Apr 7 15:49:06 CEST 2014

On Sat, 5 Apr 2014, Florian Haftmann wrote:

> there is the possibility to generate funny pie charts:
> http://www21.in.tum.de/~haftmann/misc/pie_isabelle.pdf
> http://www21.in.tum.de/~haftmann/misc/pie_afp.pdf
> e.g. using
> isabelle churn_pie '' --format=pdf > ~/data/pie_isabelle.pdf
> isabelle afp_churn_pie --format=pdf > ~/data/pie_afp.pdf
> This requires python pychart, available via Pypi or (on debian-based
> systems) package python-pychart.
> The setup is a little ad-hoc, suggestions welcome.

This seems to count lines according to the last commit, but the history is 
more interesting (and lines are a bad measure anyway).

I guess that the relatively big chop for boehmes is due to the 
machine-generated .certs files, which are relatively long.


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