[isabelle-dev] Safe approach to hypothesis substitution mark II

Thomas Sewell thomas.sewell at nicta.com.au
Thu Jan 16 02:02:45 CET 2014


It's both a typo and use of the wrong release.

The patch happens to work against Isabelle2013-1 or Isabelle2013-2, 
since there are no relevant differences in the theory sources. I can 
confirm that isabelle build -a works in either 2013-1 or 2013-2.

Short version of the story, I forgot the name of the newest release.

Long version: The confusion was caused in part because the newest 
l4.verified branch is called '2013-1'. It contains Isabelle 2013-2, but 
the switch was accomplished so straightforwardly that we didn't end up 
with a new branch name.

Apologies about the confusion,

On 16/01/14 02:00, Makarius wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Jan 2014, Thomas Sewell wrote:
>> This is also a patch against Isabelle2013-1.
> Is that just a typo, or are you still using that failed release? The 
> current one is Isabelle2013-2, and it does not introduce any 
> incompatibilities over Isabelle2013-1, so there is no reason to keep 
> using that.
>     Makarius

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