[isabelle-dev] Help

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Fri Jun 27 19:52:47 CEST 2014

On Mon, 16 Jun 2014, John Wickerson wrote:

> This mailing list is for Isabelle developers, not Isabelle users.

This sounds like isabelle-dev would be an exclusive member's only club, 
which it isn't.  The Isabelle front-page explains the mailing list like 

   * isabelle-dev at in.tum.de covers the Isabelle development process,
     including intermediate repository versions, and administrative issues
     concerning the website or testing infrastructure. Early adopters of
     repository versions should subscribe or see the archive (also
     available at mail-archive.com or gmane.org).

So anyone who is somehow testing some repository versions is already part 
of the development process.  Testing (and reporting problems) has seen a 
bit of a decline in recent years, but it is the more important the higher 
the tower is being built up.


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