[isabelle-dev] NEWS: Improved management of dockable windows

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon May 12 14:26:36 CEST 2014

* Improved management of dockable windows: clarified keyboard focus
and window placement wrt. main editor view; optional menu item to
"Detach" a copy where this makes sense.

This refers to Isabelle/c2ddbf327bbd.

After the docking framework of jEdit came up again in recent discussions 
on this mailing list, I looked again at http://mydoggy.sourceforge.net/ 
and found it unmaintained: MyDoggy 1.5.0 (Beta 1) Released: December, 
2010. The main benefit of its integration as alternative docking mechanism 
into jEdit seems to be the generalization of the underlying infrastructure 
in the editor, done by Shlomy Reinstein in 2010/2011.

So I set out to make my own "PIDE" docking framework, which is already 
enabled by default.  See also 

Such moves are always dangerous, because there is now one more thing to 
take care of. I have already patched the regular FloatingWindowContainer 
to use JDialog windows, in order to keep then organized with the main 
editor window, and not falling *behind* it like JFrame sometimes does 
(notably on Mac OS X, especially in full-screen mode).

Another interesting spin-off is 
which proves that Java was done by old LISP guys.


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