[isabelle-dev] scala-2.11.0

Gottfried Barrow igbi at gmx.com
Mon May 5 23:27:39 CEST 2014

On 14-05-05 15:37, Makarius wrote:
> That is why I pointed to 
> $ISABELLE_HOME/src/Tools/jEdit/src/scala_console.scala before -- it 
> shows how to turn the Scala compiler into a plain method String => 
> String.
> This is the meaning of the word "interpreter".

I think that occurred to me after the fact, and maybe even slightly 
during the fact of writing the last email, though it didn't sink in more 
until after the fact. I did open up the file and look for easy one-liners.

Secondly, in being an armchair programming language analyzer, I'm sure 
I've made plenty of characterizations, but enough has been right for my 
own purposes.

The context now becomes "Did Makarius make it ridiculous easy?", and 
"What language has more potential to make me famous, yet holds some 
potential for getting me a job?"

Giving me a one-liner for using "Isabelle_System.bash" was "ridiculous 
easy," and at the time it was given to me, I didn't have close to what I 
wanted, so I was willing to put out a lot of work to get a form of what 
I wanted, which was, and is, to primarily stay "internal to Isabelle." I 
think I'm already achieving "internal" enough to show me it's going to 
work, whatever route I take.

Having to use scala_console.scala as a template to get an interpreter 
ends up not being "ridiculous easy" enough, and there's a good chance 
that it's good, at this point, I don't go with Scala. Easy execution of 
Scala doesn't lesson the burden of the learning curve. Whatever I 
choose, I'll get locked into just because it takes so much work to learn 
a programming language, if done right.

To help myself think, I ask questions like this, and provide myself answers:

"Are there more Ruby programmers than Scala, or less than Scala?"

"Well, this is not something I can answer as The EZ Prophet, but I think 
there are a lot more Ruby programmers."

"So, would more people be interested in your use of Ruby, or more in 
your use of Scala?"

"Ruby, since there's a lot more Ruby programmers."

"Will Ruby get you a job?"

"Maybe, doing Web programming, which I don't want to do, but doing data 
processing and quick scripting is what I need for a language, other than 
ML, so I'll take my chances with Ruby, unless I don't, in some other 

I comment on the following to show my appreciation for speed:

> ...On Windows any external process is a bit expensive, which is the 
> reason why I have "internalized" almost everything in the past 5 years 
> or so, either into Isabelle/ML or Isabelle/Scala.  The ping-pong 
> between the two processes has a latency of approx. 20ms (which is a 
> builtin timeout), and very light load.  Throughput is quite high (100 
> .. 1000 MB/s).

What can I say, but speed, it's bueno. I check out of the premises, as a 

Thanks for your time in reducing times,

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