[isabelle-dev] comm_monoid, comm_monoid_set in bbcb05504fdc

Florian Haftmann florian at haftmann-online.de
Sun Aug 7 10:47:30 CEST 2016

Hi Johannes,

that change had probably more pervasive effects than intended.  E.g. the

definition (in comm_monoid) operative …

and its basic lemmas now produce the following soup of theorems

thm inf_top.operative_def sup_bot.operative_def add.operative_def
mult.operative_def gcd_nat.operative_def inf_top.operativeD
sup_bot.operativeD add.operativeD mult.operativeD gcd_nat.operativeD
inf_top.operative_empty sup_bot.operative_empty add.operative_empty
mult.operative_empty gcd_nat.operative_empty add.comm_monoid_lift_option
mult.comm_monoid_lift_option inf_top.comm_monoid_lift_option
sup_bot.comm_monoid_lift_option gcd_nat.comm_monoid_lift_option

I will be in Garching on Tue and have already some ideas in the pocket
how to improve that which we could discuss then.



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