[isabelle-dev] Build statistics

Lars Hupel hupel at in.tum.de
Wed Aug 10 14:29:52 CEST 2016

> I did not know of this JSON API yet. In Isabelle/74604a9fc4c8 there are
> Isabelle/Scala operations to access that information. (It is an
> interesting experience to work with these untyped JSON things; reminds
> me of LISP expressions.)

Having HTTP APIs is one of the perks of running standard software. There
is even a schema describing the possible attributes:


Although my usual approach of figuring out anything Jenkins is to dive
into the sources.

> I will later work out, if this is going to be a batch tool (like former
> isatest-stats) or a PIDE GUI panel. It might be actually easier to make
> proper a GUI application than a web application from it.

Web application is probably overkill; a more reasonable approach would
be a set of static pages, not unlike how the current AFP site generator

I can see the appeal of a GUI panel, but bear in mind that gathering all
the data could certainly take a while (even though log files can be
fetched from Jenkins in parallel) – each log file requires one HTTP
round trip.


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