[isabelle-dev] "Subgoal" command and meta-conjunctions

Daniel Matichuk Daniel.Matichuk at nicta.com.au
Thu Feb 11 05:10:43 CET 2016

In Isabelle2016-RC4 I’ve noticed that there is a small but significant issue with how the “subgoal” command handles meta-conjuncts.

I have a method which folds subgoals into meta conjunctions, which is effectively the reverse of Goal.conjunction_tac. The intention is that you can collapse several subgoals into one for the purposes of discharging them with “subgoal”.


  assumes A: A and B: B and C: C
  "A ∧ B ∧ C"
  apply (intro conjI)
  apply fold_subgoals[2]
  subgoal by (auto intro: A B)
  apply (rule C)

This worked in my old implementation of subgoal, but I have recently discovered that “subgoal” (Isabelle2016) is introducing the conjunction before focusing. This results in only focusing on the first conjunct, instead of the entire meta-conjunct.

The obvious solution from my end is to have “fold_subgoals” use a custom meta-connective that needs to be explicitly introduced after the “subgoal”, but I was wondering if it would be possible to postpone the meta-conjuction introduction until after the subgoal focus.



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