[isabelle-dev] Fwd: [Isabelle-ci] Build failed in Jenkins: afp-repo-checkin #80

Lars Hupel hupel at in.tum.de
Thu Feb 25 12:04:23 CET 2016

> Forgive me if I’m overlooking something obvious, but the attached
> message about a failure in the AFP doesn’t seem to include any clue
> as to which of the 200+ entries actually failed. I spent a little
> time poking around https://ci.isabelle.systems/jenkins/  without
> learning anything more. Is there a way of getting a little more
> information out of this system?

You're not overlooking anything: the mails are mostly useless right now.
Apologies for the confusion. Be assured that I'm trying to make the new
CI useful to everyone, but it's a long process and I can only do so much
at a time.

Makarius, our admins and me have introduced the prerequisites to get the
well-known "afptest"-style mails back (without Perl!).

My short-term agenda looks like this, in decreasing order of priority:
- afptest-style mails
- more useful mails to the general public
- ISABELLE_FULL_TEST and ~~/src/Benchmarks
- testboard_submit script for simultaneous Isabelle & AFP testing

I estimate to be done with this by mid-March.

Irrespective of that, here's an appeal to anyone, in the spirit of
Jasmin: If you have any problems with or suggestions for the
infrastructure, please ping me. If I know what users want I can avoid
needless work.


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