[isabelle-dev] Multicore timings

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Fri Jan 15 20:16:03 CET 2016

Just for the record here are some timings on dual Xeon E5-2620v3 2.40GHz 
with 12 threads:

Isabelle/9ca00b65d36c + AFP/2c322507b8a6

ML_OPTIONS="-H 2000 --gcthreads 12"
isabelle build -o threads=12

Finished HOL-Bali (0:00:57 elapsed time, 0:05:26 cpu time, factor 5.71)
Finished HOL-MicroJava (0:01:04 elapsed time, 0:06:32 cpu time, factor 6.12)
Finished Jinja (0:02:24 elapsed time, 0:16:13 cpu time, factor 6.75)
Finished JinjaThreads (0:37:50 elapsed time, 3:55:29 cpu time, factor 6.22)

Finished ConcurrentGC (0:35:25 elapsed time, 3:57:30 cpu time, factor 6.70)
Finished AODV (1:12:09 elapsed time, 11:05:09 cpu time, factor 9.21)

The sessions from Bali to JinjaThreads are historically related; this used 
to be the top-end in resource usage until 1-2 years ago.  About 12 years 
ago, MicroJava was in the range of 1h.


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