[isabelle-dev] Towards the release

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Jan 20 19:12:51 CET 2016

On Wed, 20 Jan 2016, Makarius wrote:

> Around 19:00 GMT 20-Jan-2016 the fork of isabelle-dev versus isabelle-release 
> will happen (see (https://bitbucket.org/isabelle_project/isabelle-release)
> There are a few hours left to push refinements and clarifications on the 
> regular isabelle-dev repository.

The fork will happen in 50min.  The last changeset that I see is:

changeset:   62209:009c6e0b44bb
tag:         tip
user:        blanchet
date:        Wed Jan 20 18:04:41 2016 +0100
files:       NEWS
fixed NEWS w.r.t. multisets

If there is anything else, please tell me via email just in time, that we 
avoid race conditions on the two repositories.


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