[isabelle-dev] Build NEWS

Lars Hupel hupel at in.tum.de
Mon Jun 13 08:55:17 CEST 2016

Dear Isabelle developers,

this is an update about recent and upcoming changes in the build

* Starting with Isabelle/e0513d6e4916 and AFP/e67273333c33 I have moved
the Jenkins build scripts into the Isabelle and AFP repository (they
used to reside in a private "admin" repository). Each "build profile" is
a separate Isabelle tool. In order to not pollute the global tool
namespace, they are not enabled by default. If you want to run them
yourself, the necessary setup is:

  - in your personal etc/settings, add a line to init components from
    "ci-extras" (not just from "main")
  - register components "$ISABELLE_HOME/Admin/jenkins/build" and

* New build hardware has arrived and will be provisioned over the next
two weeks. I will start migrating jobs to the new hardware. This will
bring build time for AFP (excl. "slow") down to about 90 minutes, from
over 180 minutes before. There will be no more excuse not to use the
testboard(s) liberally :-)

* As pointed out by Larry, navigation on the Jenkins pages is a pain.
I've revamped the status page with helpful links to the build outputs of
the various jobs and instructions on how to use the testboard:


Suggestions for additions welcome.

* The AFP devel pages have not been regenerated in a while. I'm aware of
this issue. Now that the build scripts are in the AFP repository and old
afptest has been discontinued, I can start migrating the old
configuration which generated these pages.


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