[isabelle-dev] Distro broken

Tobias Nipkow nipkow at in.tum.de
Thu Oct 20 10:19:18 CEST 2016

We never promised that the new test infrastructure would guarantee that nobody 
will break the repository anymore. You are perfectly aware of this. So stop 


On 19/10/2016 13:52, Makarius wrote:
> On 19/10/16 13:38, Lars Hupel wrote:
>> Oh, nothing went wrong: Jenkins sent an email immediately after the
>> push, and the status page also indicated the failure. Automation working
>> as expected.
> But that did not help. Florian experienced the broken repository just in
> the way it occasionally happens.
> The open question is if the massive use of CPU resources by Jenkins is
> justified to deliver its service. It is still unclear to me what this
> service is in the first place.
> So far there were only axioms about Jenkins, but no proofs.
> 	Makarius
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