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I managed to identify this problem. It was one file that did not finish. I made a new session and added the Library files little by little until I found the once causing problems.

When you build a session, is it possible to find out what file(s) cause problems? If I would know that a certain file takes a certain amount of time, and it does not finish, then I could pin point the problem.


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That /is/ the proper way to test it.

On my machine, HOL-Library takes 6 minutes of CPU time. If it takes significantly more than that on yours, there's something wrong. If it takes hours and still isn't done, there's something very wrong.

Are you sure the files are processed fully and without non-terminating steps in Isabelle/jEdit?

If you share your version of HOL-Library with me, I'll happily take a look at it.


On 09/03/18 23:54, viorel.preoteasa at gmail.com wrote:
> I am trying to test HOL-Library by using:
> ./bin/isabelle build -v HOL-Library
> But it takes very long. It has now been working for few hours, and it is still running.
> I also tried to open all files from HOL/Library in Isabelle/jedit and 
> they were processed quite fast, without any errors.
> What is the appropriate way to test HOL-Library?
> Viorel Preoteasa
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> I don’t think it’s a problem that your more general theorems require the Axiom of Choice, and Hilbert_Choice.thy is not too large already (far from it).
> Larry Paulson
>> On 8 Mar 2018, at 21:35, <viorel.preoteasa at gmail.com> <viorel.preoteasa at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have a question about how to organize these changes. The problem is 
>> that most of the results for the more general lattice (instantiations 
>> to set, fun) require Hilbert_Choice which is not available in Complete_Lattice. Now I have added all results about complete distributive lattices that need Hilbert Choice in Hilbert_Choice.thy. Is this acceptable?
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