[isabelle-dev] jdk-11

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Fri Oct 26 00:02:56 CEST 2018

On 13/10/2018 22:39, Makarius wrote:
>> I've quickly tried openjdk-11 on Ubuntu 18.10 beta: the same low-grade
>> font rendering. It is particularly bad in Isabelle/jEdit file-open dialog.
> Thanks to a useful hint by the "Felix von Leitner Institute for
> distributed real-time Java" I've found the following alternative:
> https://adoptopenjdk.net
> It looks much better on Linux, even with subpixel antialiasing.
> I will make a new component from it when the next Java 11 update is
> released.

Java 11.0.1 has been released by Oracle, but https://adoptopenjdk.net
appears to have its own release scheme: it is still on jdk-11+28 from
Aug-2018. So I have updated the jdk and jedit-build components right
now: see Isabelle/f714114b0571.

It should work smoothly on all platforms, even on macOS: I have updated
the MacOSX plugin accordingly and bundled it with Isabelle as before
(when that gets updated officially by the jEdit project, it might cause
some confusion, though).

The font-rendering of this OpenJDK version is quite different from what
we've seen from Oracle since Java 7. The Isabelle font is a bit thinner
than before, but sub-pixel rendering works better, especially on Linux.


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