[isabelle-dev] OCaml 4.06.0 drops nums.cma

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Thu Mar 21 16:41:40 CET 2019

On 21/03/2019 16:26, Lars Hupel wrote:
>> Hopefully that is sufficient. OPAM is overall a bit fragile: some Coq
>> guys have told me that they regret depending on it.
> We'll have to see. The current situation is that I temporarily have no
> access to the build machines, so the build will have to stay red for a
> while, much to the disadvantage of people who rely on it.

BTW, on Ubuntu 18.04 the most basic way is to install the ocaml and
libzarith-ocaml packages, and put this into etc/settings:



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