[isabelle-dev] Fwd: [Isabelle-ci] Build failure in Isabelle (benchmark)

David Matthews dm at prolingua.co.uk
Fri Mar 29 08:00:28 CET 2019

The most likely cause of "Unable to increase stack" is infinite 
recursion in your application.  It could occasionally happen in native 
32-bits if the heap had taken all the available address space but that 
is extremely unlikely on a 64-bit platform.  Stacks are not allocated in 
the heap so setting a large value for --maxheap won't help and could 
potentially make things worse.

Hope that's of some help to point you in the right direction.


On 28/03/2019 21:28, Lars Hupel wrote:
>>> "Unable to increase stack" is one of the various messages that tells
>>> you that PolyML has run out of resources. It doesn't really tell you
>>> what the problem is though. It might be an actual problem or a
>>> temporary problem caused by a machine being overloaded.
>> This is likely connected to the recent change of platform. I will
>> investigate this; maybe bumping the memory limit will resolve it.
> Even after the switch to x86_64_32, this session keeps failing. Here are
> the parameters:
> ML_PLATFORM="x86_64_32-linux"
> ML_HOME="/media/data/jenkins/.isabelle/contrib/polyml-5.8/x86_64_32-linux"
> ML_SYSTEM="polyml-5.8"
> ML_OPTIONS="-H 4000 --maxheap 8G"
> jobs = 1, threads = 6, numa = false
> Surely 8 GB of memory should be enough. The error message is still
> Warning - Unable to increase stack - interrupting thread
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