[isabelle-dev] Phabricator for Isabelle development

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Sep 25 21:58:25 CEST 2019

Our new Phabricator service for Isabelle development is taking shape:

The platform provides many Apps to support software development, but so
far I have focused on the key things, like repository hosting and task
management ("tickets"). Wiki documentation and blogs are also enabled,
but still need to find their proper use (e.g. a blog for Isabelle/NEWS).

The user participation model is still under consideration. For example:
Who can create an account and contribute to tasks and discussions?

For the moment, everybody with push access to the main Isabelle
repository is invited to create an account: I will put them into the
isabelle-dev and isabelle-repository groups, which grant certain rights
to development objects within Phabricator (repositories, tasks etc.).

Login names and full names should be as sensible as possible. There is
no need to recycle old TUM-style login names: Phabricator can map names
found in commits to its own user naming scheme. For example, my own
entry is "makarius (Makarius Wenzel)" instead of "wenzelm".

Eventually, there will be more and more explanations within Phabricator
itself, e.g. in the onboard Wiki.

As usual there is also some administrative information within the
Isabelle repository: see directory Admin/Phabricator e.g. in


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