[isabelle-dev] https://discourse.org as replacement for mailman, stackoverflow, zulip

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Sun Jan 12 18:08:19 CET 2020

On 12/01/2020 17:23, Jonathon Fernyhough
> Keep in mind that Discourse is forum/mailing list software, not a chat
> replacement. However, Phabricator has a built-in chat function which
> could potentially replace Zulip assuming you don't use Zulip's threading
> and topic features.
> I believe it's also possible for Phabricator's Maniphest to act as a
> kind of mailing list (e.g. you can add email addresses which can create
> tasks in a particular Space which you can then reply to etc.).

My impression is that Phabricator's chat app is only very basic, and I don't
have much interest in actual chats anyway -- communication should be without
real-time constraints, such that threads can be revisited after some days,
weeks, months.

The Phabricator project uses Discourse for its community discussion
(corresponding to our isabelle-users), and the onboard Maniphest task tracker
for internal management (corresponding to isabelle-dev).

> However - if you are looking for forum software which can be shaped to
> your requirements (and act like a mailing list) then Discourse is a very
> good option.

I take this as another hint that I should look more closely at Discourse (more
than 10min so far).


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