[isabelle-dev] isabelle jedit quickly aborts

Jasmin Blanchette j.c.blanchette at vu.nl
Fri Jan 17 17:16:51 CET 2020

Hi Makarius,

> From a distance, I guess that it is a matter of certain options in "Security &
> Privacy". Applications that request certain rights, but are rejected in the
> first attempt, should show up in various dialogs. E.g. see "General" (as in
> https://isabelle.in.tum.de/img/macos_security.png or "Privacy" with "Full Disk
> Access" or "Files and Folders" for the Terminal app.

I just tried (both Isabelle/5556ae257df9 -- this time it should be a real changeset number -- and with Isabelle2019) and nothing appears in "General". I tied to grant "Full Disk Access" to "Terminal" but that also didn't help.

I'll try to see if I can find a workaround. I presume it's something silly like some environment variable that's confusing jEdit or some file or nonstandard setting. That would explain why I have problems now with older repository versions, even though these used to work for me a few months ago, and why I'm apparently the only victim.

I could try to upgrade to Catalina as well and see.

Thanks for your help.


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