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Tobias Nipkow nipkow at in.tum.de
Thu Jun 4 10:32:09 CEST 2020

I am afraid I do not understand the problem with subdirectories and the need to 
have "tags", "tag clouds" and "topics". Why is "A_B.thy" better than "A/B.thy"? 
What are the ill-defined situations? Are there other systems (not necessarily 
theorem provers) out there that jettison subdirectories because of the confusion 
they cause?


On 03/06/2020 21:44, Makarius wrote:
> On 01/06/2020 02:54, Klein, Gerwin (Data61, Kensington NSW) wrote:
>> Can you say a bit more about how this would look like? It seems to me that tags don’t conflict with a session using multiple directories (sub or otherwise).
>> Maybe I don’t really understand what you mean by duplicates. Doesn’t the current (Isabelle2020) session structure already prevent duplicates?
> Tags would be a slight extension of what is already there as "command
> markers", probably for the 'theory' command with special treatment in certain
> situations.
> It would be merely an extra hint to group theories within sessions, without
> any structural impact nor naming of theories.
> In contrast, session-subdirectories introduce slightly ill-defined situations
> about files vs. actual theories. E.g. the accidental presence or absence of a
> file in one of multiple directories can change the session content in subtle ways.
> We have started with a very badly defined situation many years ago, and now
> have a chance to make a last step to have it all clear: 1-1 theory vs. file
> relation without any special tricks.
>> I find a session A with multiple directories fairly natural for larger applications.
> IIRC, you were the first one to introduce that in MicroJava. Ever since, a lot
> of extra complexity and unclarity has come from it.
> (Not directly related: I have started to make my own jokes about the
> subdirectories of Isabelle/Pure, saying that the multiple directories obscure
> the structure of a logically flat arrangement. Quite often I get lost myself,
> and other people have hardly any chance to locate a named ML module on the spot.)
>> In l4v for instance we have a session ASpec that has subdirectories ARM, X64, RISC-V and so on, which contains theories that are included in ASpec theories via "$L4V_ARCH/Some_Theory”, where L4V_ARCH will be one of those subdirectories. Neither ASpec on its own nor the subdirectory ARM on its own form a useful session — in fact, the pattern is that almost every theory in ASpec has a corresponding theory in "$L4V_ARCH/" that contains the platform-dependent part of the formalisation which is included in the generic part.
> I don't quite understand this. Can you point to the actual source?
> Does it mean you dynamically change the session content via the L4V_ARCH
> environment variable?
> 	Makarius
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