[isabelle-dev] Towards the next release --- and release naming scheme

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon Sep 27 19:32:35 CEST 2021

On 27/09/2021 18:54, Martin Desharnais wrote:
> Three
> emperors in a year are certainly to be avoided at all cost, but it cannot be
> excluded entirely. The naming scheme should have a solution in such situation.
> What would happen if a critical bug was discovered in Isabelle2021-Dec?

This is always a very unusual situation, one of big crisis of the state. There
would be at least two possibilities to address it:

  * Use the older tag scheme to make an amendment, e.g. Isabelle2021-Dec is
superseded by Isabelle2021-Dec-1.

  * Delay the amendment long enough to allocate new month name, e.g.
Isabelle2021-Dec is superseded by Isabelle2022-Jan.

> An> lengthy solution would be to use ISO 8601 dates (e.g.
Isabelle2021-12-01) but
> is aesthetically disputable.

We already have that for non-releases, using a different date standard, e.g.
see current Isabelle_27-Sep-2021 from

Playing with the endless possibilities of date formats, one could also imagine
Isabelle_Dec-2021 (and thus Isabelle_Dec-2021-1 for an amendment that is never
meant to happen under normal circumstances).


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