[isabelle-dev] Update of VSCodium/Electron/Node.js

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Tue Aug 30 12:21:17 CEST 2022

Isabelle/04ce6cf2bd3b provides an update of the system component for VSCodium 
(approx. 1.2 GB for all platforms together). Hopefully, this will be 
sufficient for the Isabelle2022 release: I don't want to produce these bulky 
tar balls too often.

The update of VSCodium is notably, because Electron/Node.js has been warped 
from distant past towords more current "LTS" versions:

VSCodium 1.65.2 ~> 1.70.1
Electron 13.5.2 ~> 18.3.5
Node.js 14.16.0 ~> 16.13.2

This will increase our chances to make sense of the new application platform 
(after the Isabelle release): add-on tools often depend on rather young 
versions, even PDF.js as seen in Isabelle/f719bbee1721:

changeset:   75706:f719bbee1721
user:        wenzelm
date:        Wed Jul 27 12:28:53 2022 +0200
files:       Admin/components/components.sha1 Admin/components/main 
updated to pdfjs-2.14.305;
prefer "legacy" distribution: more portable, notably for old Node.js/Electron 
of VSCodium;


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