[isabelle-dev] NEWS: A new, verified order prover.

Lukas Stevens lukas.stevens+isabelle-users at in.tum.de
Fri Sep 30 12:51:21 CEST 2022

*** HOL ***

* A new, verified order prover for partial and linear orders. The order
prover rearranges the goal to prove False, then retrieves order literals
(i.e. x = y, x <= y, x < y, and their negated versions) from the premises
and finally tries to derive a contradiction. Its main use case is as a
solver to the simplifier, where it e.g. solves premises of conditional
rewrite rules.

The new prover (src/Provers/order_tac.ML) replaces the old prover
(src/Provers/order.ML) and improves upon the old one in several ways:

   - The completeness of the prover is verified in Isabelle (see the
     ATVA 2021 paper "A Verified Decision Procedure for Orders in 

   - The new prover is complete for partial orders.

   - The interface to register new orders was reworked to reduce 

The prover has two configuration attributes that control its behaviour:

   - order_trace (default: false): Enables tracing for the solver.

   - order_split_limit (default: 8): Limits the number of order
     literals of the form ~ x < y that are passed to the solver since
     those lead to case splitting and thus exponential runtime. This
     only applies to partial orders.

The prover is agnostic to the object logic. For HOL, the setup for the
prover is performed in src/HOL/Orderings.thy where the structure
HOL_Order_Tac is obtained. The structure allows us to register new
orders with the functions HOL_Order_Tac.declare_order and
HOL_Order_Tac.declare_linorder. Using these functions, we register the
orders of the type classes order and linorder with the solver. If
possible, one should instantiate these type classes instead of adding
new orders to the solver. One can also interpret the type class locale
as in src/HOL/Library/Sublist.thy, which contains e.g. the prefix
order on lists.

The method order calls the prover in a standalone fashion.

The diagnostic command print_orders shows all orders known to the prover
in the current context.

The last change to the prover itself was made in Isabelle/e6f0c9bf966c.



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