[isabelle-dev] Isabelle_10-Sep-2013

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Tue Sep 24 22:54:00 CEST 2013

On Wed, 11 Sep 2013, Gerwin Klein wrote:

>> An aside: The more AFP entries are used as proper libraries, the more 
>> we need to think how release processes need to interact etc.
> We've been thinking about that from the start. There shouldn't be 
> anything special to do. AFP-2013-1 will come out a few days after 
> Isabelle-2013-1 and should work together with it.

There is only a minor point to be reconsidered: when exactly to start 
getting in sync with the Isabelle release.  Just ss last time, we will 
have several weeks of public Isabelle release candidates that are mostly 
indistinguishable from the final release.  So users will be invited to 
start using (and porting existing applications) with RC1 already.

This grey period between RC1 ... final will be relatively long this time, 
since I will disappear on my post-summer vacation in the middle of it.


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