[isabelle-dev] logging and debugging output

stvienna wiener stvienna at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 00:17:47 CEST 2014


I am amazed at all the Isabelle/JEdit improvements of the last two years.
It is very impressive!

Now I started to use the development version of Isabelle instead of
Isabelle 2013-2. My work is much more productive now, e.g.,  fewer crashes
and the GUI is much more responsive.

But still, Isabelle/JEdit gets unresponsive and unstable, then finally
crashes completely. In most cases this happens after a try0 or try call. I
suspect it could be a problem related to a "fastforce" call.

Is there a way to look behind the scenes, e.g., to look at the
communication between JEdit and Isabelle? Is there a system console or a
logging console or any other way to get more debugging info?

(I can only she the NullPointerExceptions in the lower right corner of the
JEdit interface, i.e., the pink written message, and by clicking on it a
pop up with the error message opens.)

Best regards from Vienna,
Stephan A.
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