[isabelle-dev] logging and debugging output

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Apr 2 10:47:40 CEST 2014

On Wed, 2 Apr 2014, stvienna wiener wrote:

> Now I started to use the development version of Isabelle instead of 
> Isabelle 2013-2. My work is much more productive now, e.g., fewer 
> crashes and the GUI is much more responsive.

"The" development version is a running gag on this maling list, because 
that expression is not well-defined.  There are presently more than 50000 
development versions. You need to say which version you are using, by the 
unique changeset id that is given in the welcome message, "isabelle 
version -i", or hg id.  (It does not make much sense to test snapshots 
that are older than approx. 1 week.)

I am surprised to hear about crashes of Isabelle2013-2, but maybe these 
are just more secret problems that users don't want to tell and prefer to 
keep for themselves.

What is your OS and hardware platform (memory, number of cores)?

> But still, Isabelle/JEdit gets unresponsive and unstable, then finally
> crashes completely. In most cases this happens after a try0 or try call. I
> suspect it could be a problem related to a "fastforce" call.
> Is there a way to look behind the scenes, e.g., to look at the
> communication between JEdit and Isabelle? Is there a system console or a
> logging console or any other way to get more debugging info?
> (I can only she the NullPointerExceptions in the lower right corner of the
> JEdit interface, i.e., the pink written message, and by clicking on it a
> pop up with the error message opens.)

In principle the Protocol panel tells the whole story between the editor 
and the prover, but I don't think you will see anything useful there.

If you have an exception trace, the obvious thing is to show that here.


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